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Travels Best Kept Secret Revealed...


What it's all about!

Have you ever found yourself wondering how some people seem to forever be travelling and living a luxe lifestyle? For years i've scrolled through Instagram trying to work out how can they always be away, living their best life? Well, now you’ve found out how! 

They are living the Travel Luxe Lifestyle!
In 2019 I finally discovered the secret to travelling smart in the form of becoming a home / travel based independent travel agent . 
Did you know every booking you make either direct to hotel or through a booking site or agent has commission built in? By becoming an independent agent you can earn these commissions for yourself by booking friends and family travel or even to a wider network!
By joining this business I'm now earning more which allows me to travel more than I have ever done before and the best bit ... I get paid to work in an industry I absolutely love!

We offer a flexible working option, with no minimum sales or targets, with full mentorship and guidance to help you earn commissions by booking travel for others.

Our team is so diverse, we have professionals, multiple business owners, full time mums, sports coaches, teachers, students …. 

 If you want to level up your lifestyle then this business is for you, let The Travel Luxe Lifestyle get you there!


How It Works.....

Why join?

Earn Commission On All Your Travel Bookings - Making You £££

Access To Private Facebook Community and 1-2-1 support from me!

Opportunity To Grow Your Own Home-Based Business 

Success Stories

Hi I'm Krishna

1 star Director within the business.  I’m a mum of two and work full time in the banking and finance sector.

Travel has always been a passion of mine from a young age, as I was fortunate to travel a lot as a child and I really want to re create some of those memories with my two children,
This business has allowed us to travel more than ever and has been a huge lifestyle change. Not only have we ticked off bucket list destinations I have unlocked multiple income streams.


I never really knew how much I needed this business when I joined three years ago. Little did I know that it has created financial security.
Hitting directorship in this business has been amazing. It has allowed me to also create a legacy income; knowing that I am further proofing my children’s income


Hi, my names Molly, im 22, and a Primary School Teacher.

I joined the business in 2020 to start earning back on something I was already doing alot of, booking travel!

While studying at university, the income from this business allowed me to cut down my hours at my part time job, to have more time to focus on uni, and earn an income around busy study periods.

The income from this opportunity now supplements my salary, allowing me to travel more in busy and expensive periods such as school holidays


Hello! I’m Charli,


I’m a mum of two young children in my thirties. I found life was passing me so fast, my children are growing up in a blink of an eye and I refuse to miss any part of their precious early years.


I returned back from maternity leave and started my travel business alongside a part time job. I quickly realised through some major life events, that we really don’t get the day back. So I quit my part time job to focus fully on the travel business - and my goodness it has taken off!


I’m so excited to see what the future holds and to show my family the world, which wasn’t possible before.


Hi I’m Tima,


A mum of 2 from Greater London. I joined the business in December 2022 and it was the best decision I made. I not only earn an extra income, have access to amazing suppliers but the impact on my confidence has been truly well wonderful as I get to work in a team with like minded, positive , empowering people.​


Hi I'm Jenny


I’m am a stay at home mum of 2 children and wanted to do something for myself.


I love to travel and when the opportunity arose to book travel and earn commission; I snapped it up. I started in August 2022 and have grown my business to not only book holidays but to specialise in long haul holidays, destination weddings and honeymoons.


I exhibit at wedding fayres to maximise my business, I love chatting to people and helping them book the holiday of their dreams!


Hi, I'm Radhika Maya.


Mum of 2 (1,3) I work full time and have a Bollywood dance business.  I've sold over £100k travel from Jan 2023 till now and I love making time for this business so I can in the future work this flexibly full time!


Grateful for all the amazing holidays that I've been on so far and all the travel I've booked for others creating special memories for them too.


Success Stories

Hi, I’m Danielle 


I’m a new Mum and a Full time Caseworker for the Civil Service. I have been a Travel Business Owner for 3 years now. 

What I love about the business is the fact I am able to earn an extra income flexibly online from my phone around my busy lifestyle. Not only that, whilst I was on Maternity it was a god send to be able to top up my maternity pay. 

Now I enjoying life as I am able to travel more, earn more and now I can show my daughter the world through her own eyes.


Hi I'm Charlie

Joining this travel business has allowed me switch careers and create a better lifestyle for myself and my family without having to drop my income.


I love that my business has allowed me to work from home around my children and still earn whilst being there with them. I have much more time freedom now......



Check Out Our Ireland Launch!

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Your questions answered

  • Why did you become a Travel Agent?
    I absolutely love to travel and I used to book all my trips direct or online not knowing that the commission was already built into every holiday I had booked. Now I book those exact same holidays but I get to keep the commission from booking via my online portal instead of the booking site.
  • Are you actually a legit company?
    Absolutely! Our Travel Host company is 30 years old and has all the major credentials required to book travel. We are also recognised as the number 1 Home Based Travel Agency in the world. ! If we weren't legitimate then the companies we are partnered with wouldn’t have partnered up with us.
  • How long before I can book travel ?
    When you join you have immediate access to your booking system but there is mandatory training which you will need to complete before you can book. Your mentor will be there to support you and guide you through the training so you are ready for take off when your ready.
  • Do you have to have travel experience?
    No not at all. We have Extensive FREE training with all our suppliers as well as constant in house company training. For example if you wanted to specialise in a certain area we can support you in becoming a Honeymoon Specialist or Family Travel Specialist.
  • Is this a Networking Marketing business like those make up ones?
    Absolutely not it’s completely different. Travel is such a lucrative industry to be part of, we have no targets or point systems. You book travel for your clients and you get paid the commission. This can be for yourself friends or family. We literally provide you a pre made business in a box with all the materials you need to run a successful travel agency, with all the training and support you need.
  • Are you restricted to the holidays you can book?
    Not at all! We have partners and suppliers who cover everything you can think of from Package Holidays, Hotels, Cruises, Car Rental, Hospitality Tickets, Escorted Tours, Theme Park Tickets, Spa Days, Staycations and so much more. The only requirement is that you can only book for UK residents. This is an industry wide regulation.
  • Do I need a big social media following to be successful?
    Absolutely not, anyone can do this business. We have people with really small followings but also people with a larger following, who are both successful within there own right. This business really is for anyone
  • What if I join and change my mind?
    That's fine you can cancel at anytime.
  • Are there any sign up fees?
    Yes there’s a one off payment of £142. This affiliates you with the host agency and will provide you with access to all the systems and credentials you need to be recognised as a Travel Agent. You then pay £32 a month which covers your admin, support, insurance and back office systems. All training is totally free!
  • How soon can I start booking holidays?
    After mandatory training videos and an assessment to quantify your knowledge , you will be licenced to book holidays. However there are other optional supplier training you will also have access too for example if you want to be a Honeymoon Specialist or Cruise Specialist.
  • I have a full time job, will this work for me?"
    Yes!!!!!! We have no targets or quotas so you can absolutely do this around a full time job.
  • Is it a scam??
    Well this is exactly what I thought, this all sounded to good to be true and I literally had a lot of questions to ask. But the answer to your question is No it is not a scam. We are proud members of the leading Industry bodies and are in partnership with major suppliers such who wouldn’t be in partnership with a company which is detrimental to them or bring their business into dispute . What I will say is it is not a get rich quick scheme and like any business it requires work.
  • How do I join?
    Message the person who you are speaking to about the business or who added you into this link and request a THREE way chat with me! Or simply get set up straight away - Within a few hours you could be a qualified Independent Travel Agent. This really is the best business ever ... I’ve met some of the most AMAZING people! We are one community & everyone is welcome. I'm ready to get started
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I'm ready to get started

Just leave me your name and number and I'll personally message you with the details you need to sign up. I'm going to support you every step of the way! Let's get started together!

Thank you! I'll be in touch shortly with all of the information you need to get started!

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